2016 Food Trends on Google: The Rise of Functional Foods and why there’s a big opportunity for brands

google food trends 2016

Today’s dinner table looks quite different than it did just 10 years ago. For one, there’s likely a smartphone next to the fork. And on each plate, there might be a different meal —mom’s paleo, dad’s vegan, the kids’ gluten- and nut-free. At first glance, you might think these changes are unrelated. And you might bemoan what’s become of the family dinner. But it could be that, thanks to the technology at our fingertips, people are actually much more thoughtful about what they feed themselves and their loved ones. That mindfulness is apparent in micro-moments when consumers rely on Google Search to learn more about food. Through an analysis of these searches in the food category over the last two years, we are able to get a large-scale look at people’s interests and intentions. […]


Learning about the benefits of “functional foods”

According to the new Food Trends Report, there is a growing consumer interest in the health-enhancing role of specific foods, or what experts call “functional foods.” A number of the top trending foods over the last two years are “healthy” ingredients like turmeric, apple cider vinegar, avocado oil, bitter melon, and kefir. While the concept of functional foods has been around for decades, interest in these specific foods is growing faster than before. […]


Finding a range of recipes in how-to-add-it moments

Once people know what to eat, they want to know how to eat it. In these how-to-add-it moments, they’re looking for different forms and recipes. […]  Beyond cooking, consumers and brands are coming up with creative ways to use these ingredients.


Brands are “healthifying” products and their positioning

In response, some brands are trying to “healthify” foods by adding functional ingredients. A survey of the supermarket shelf shows ingredients like chia, flax and probiotics being added to crackers, chocolate, and gummies. Beyond “healthifying” products, brands can also make a point to better educate consumers on functional foods and ingredients. […]

That means brands have a big opportunity to respond to this growing health and wellness trend in innovative ways.



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