4 Trends to Watch Out for This Year

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According to a recent study published on, there are some predictions you should pay attention to if you’re in the food industry.

We’ve taken the time to summarize the study and identify 4 of the food trends that will important this year:


  1. Market structure and bargaining power

It used to be that large companies and grocery store chains had all of the bargaining power. Due to the reliance on industrial fertilizers leading to soil degradation or over-processing of foods, this consolidation has created an ecosystem where nutritious foods are sacrificed in search of scalable economies.


  1. A Better Information System

It’s difficult to promote healthy eating behavior when we focus on counting calories. Good food impacts health positively, so an ideal solution would be to emphasize the nutritive value of food. If we consider “counting calories” as an information system, it’s not enough. Therefore, in the near future, a new system will be created with more information on the food ecosystem.


  1. New consumers, new market opportunity

Understanding what determines poor food decision-making is important not only when it comes to product and service positioning (so that existing companies maintain their market shares), but also because it tells us what foods should be more nutritious. All of this is, of course, is highlighted because consumers are becoming increasingly more aware of the impact that food has on health. As a result, providing the end user with information can provide a competitive edge and it is an opportunity for startups looking to make their way into the market.


  1. Clinical Systems Need to Be User-Friendly and Informative

Consumers are demanding to receive nutritional information on their foods from reputable sources and wanting to know more about whether an ingredient is good for them or not. In light of this, business owners need to make their offerings and marketing strategies transparent and exemplary of the values their customers want. The goal is to treat food as a way to nourish and to keep a person’s health in-tact.








Source: 5 Food and Health Market Trends to Watch For This Year

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