5 technology trends that will change the future of food

food technology and future trends

Natural food scarcity paired with the fact that the planet’s population continues to grow has engineers and bioscientists trying to discover new sustainable food solutions. 

Nowadays, with humanity’s huge challenges, we’re seeing the biotech and food engineering industry growing at a faster rate. New trends to watch out for include the creation of new food experiences, new types of interactions between the web and food, as well as innovative concepts for ready-to-eat foods.

Metalworks, which is a branch of the Maxus media agency, predicts that in the decades to come, technology will redefine the food and drinks industry as well as our attitudes towards nutrition.


Here are the highlights from the Metalworks food trends report:


  1. Lab-grown foods and smart tools for personalized healthy nutrition will be further developing. For example, in London, beef was cultivated from livestock muscle cells. In the United States, there are many companies that produce plant-based substitutes of meat.
  1. Platforms, apps and tools will pop up everywhere. Some are designed to minimize food waste, others inform consumers of the food’s GMO content or analyze the chemical composition of food.
  2. Bars and restaurants will use technology more and more to improve the speed of services or the emotional experiences tied to more than just the flavor of foods and beverages.
  1. The Internet and technology will find its place in the kitchen too: smart frying pans and thermometers that measure the temperature of cooked foods already exist.
  1. 3D Food printers and nanopackaging will revolutionize the way meals are cooked and how the ingredients are stored. Nanopackaging is particularly interesting because it will give food products  a longer shelf-life without preservatives: this means less food waste, healthier nutritional options and lower costs.



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Source: How technology changes the future of food: 5 trends to watch

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