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6 ingredients for a perfect Italian meal in winter

italian meal in winter

Winter is coming and Italy shows off its culinary winter tradition. Here, some ingredients from authentic Italian winter recipes to recreate a perfect Italian meal.


#1 Fontina DOP

Fontina is a classic Italian cheese, originated from Valle d’Aosta in the mountains in the Northern Italy. This cheese is ideal to make fonduta or as additional ingredients for pasta. Served with bread or used with grated truffles, fontina is a very delicious choice for your winter menu.

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#2 Speck DOP

Italian speck is a unique cured meat, originating in Northern Italy in the Alto Adige region. It is one of the most important ingredient used for parties and special meals. Its preservation technique is an ancient method used in the past, but actually still, to preserve the meat throughout the entire winter. Thanks to its spicy flavor it pairs beautiful as radicchio for a savory started.

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#3 Polenta

Polenta is a very old dish of Italian origin, made from flour obtained from a number of cereals, the most commonly used today being corn. Polenta is delicious as a creamy base for gamey meats like white pork wild hog or as a comforting soup flavored with butter and cheese and also baked with layers of Fontina DOP.


#4 Truffle

Truffle is known also as the food of Gods. With truffle is possible to produce many different products adapted for many culinary uses and which you can taste in pairing with base ingredients like salt, honey and cheese. Winter is the best season to taste the white truffle variety.

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#5 Nocciolato (Nut Chocolate) from Piemonte

Nocciolato is made from the union of chocolate and selected and toasted nuts from Piemonte. It is a perfect dinner ending, sweaty but not too much and perfect to pair with a glass of your favorite liquor. For more information about liquors and spirits click here.




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