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A Visual Guide for Italian Mushrooms, an infographic

Edible mushrooms: infographic


Mushrooms are kind of baffling: they’re shaped strangely and they grow in dark, humid areas in the woods. They reproduce through spores rather than by seeds, which is why some varieties are hard to grow commercially and therefore, can only be found in the wild. Also, many types of mushrooms are inedible and poisonous, therefore, the search for edible mushrooms is work that is best left to professionals. Edible mushrooms are a very versatile food, they’re high in fiber and vitamins, they’re low in fat and they’re cholesterol free.  Here is a visual guide of the most popular mushrooms used in Italian cuisine.


infographic mushrooms guide


Read more about “Porcini,” the king of mushrooms in the article titled Edible Mushrooms: The different types of Porcini Mushrooms.


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