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3 Surprising benefits of Mozzarella for your health

benefitis of mozzarella for health

Mozzarella, the most famous Italian fresh cheese, isn’t only delicious in taste but it has some nutrition property good for your health.

The great news is that you don’t need to go to Italy to enjoy the classic Italian Mozzarella, so you can taste all the authentic freshness and benefits at your home. One of the most important thing for made an authentic Mozzarella is what cows eat to produce the best milk whit its characteristics and unique aromas.

Sometimes, Mozzarella isn’t appreciated enough, because of its fats. But, authentic Mozzarella is healthier than you might think.

Why is mozzarella a super-cheese?


A soft slice of mozzarella has more nutritional value than it’s given credit for:

  1. It is rich in calcium, very important for the body. About 30 gr of mozzarella contains 18% of your daily calcium needs. Calcium helps the health of the bone structure.
  2. Mozzarella contains also phosphorus, a mineral that allows the body to use calcium.
  3. There is plenty of protein, bulking up the muscle food you need.

End…If it’s not enough, Mozzarella is also rich in potassium, chloride, iron and sodium!


Cooking Tips:

Mozzarella is the best melting cheese, suitable for pizza toppings, timbales of pastas or sandwiches fillings, but  if you want a typical Mediterranean dish you can try it uncooked and sliced with red tomatoes and fresh green basil dressed with oil, salt and pepper.



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