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Gourmet food

Top 5 Italian dishes to eat in November

typical Italian food in November


Rainy days are on their way, the air is chilly and the snow will be covering the mountains soon: November is here! November in Italy does not just consist of sad weather and cold afternoons, but it is also a time of year to enjoy wonderful dishes made with the unique seasonal products the country’s lands have to offer.   Continue Reading…

Gourmet food

Pecorino cheese: a cheese with a long story

pecorino cheese history

Few cheeses have such ancient origins as Pecorino: it dates back to Ancient Rome when it was a regular food of banquets in the imperial palaces. Its nutritional value and the long conservation made it a perfect component of food rations for the Roman Legions during their long voyages. Continue Reading…

Gourmet food

Top 6 Must Eat Foods in Italy

must italian food to eat

When travelling to Italy, you should never deprive your taste buds of delicious food. Here you can experience the best of old-world eating, traditional specialties and dishes that are unique in comparison to many other foods. Continue Reading…

Gourmet food

The science of Sorbet: the frozen dessert

italian sorbet dessert

Sorbet is a frozen dessert which is typically made with some kind of fruit juice and/or puréed fruit, plus a sweetener (usually sugar), along with other flavoring ingredients. Wine and liqueur are sometimes used for flavoring sorbet, such as Sorbet with limoncello is a very common dessert in many Italian restaurants. Sometimes, sorbet is flavored also with chocolate and coffee. Continue Reading…