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Gourmet food

The science of Sorbet: the frozen dessert

italian sorbet dessert

Sorbet is a frozen dessert which is typically made with some kind of fruit juice and/or puréed fruit, plus a sweetener (usually sugar), along with other flavoring ingredients. Wine and liqueur are sometimes used for flavoring sorbet, such as Sorbet with limoncello is a very common dessert in many Italian restaurants. Sometimes, sorbet is flavored also with chocolate and coffee. Continue Reading…

Gourmet food

The best food is on the airplane

fod gourmet on airplan

Last reports reveal that airlines are reforming their food menus to offer premium passengers better meals, hiring renowned chefs and offering fresher ingredients. More and more airlines are teaming up with world-class chefs, hoping to solve that ultimate how to serve a top-rate meal in the air. Continue Reading…

Gourmet food

What is Polenta and how you can prepared it

how to cook polenta


Polenta is a versatile type of food, made from ground corn and water, and a typical dish part of traditional Northern Italian cuisine. The name originally comes from the Latin word for pearled grain (pŏllen pollĭnis, fior di farina, polvere or flour powder), and the dish, a gruel that could be made with all sorts of grains and legumes, dates to Roman times. Continue Reading…

Gourmet food

Easter Lunch in Italy: Special Menu for Your Italian Easter

Italian easter menu

Easter is the most important religious event for Catholic people – together with Christmas – and it is also the celebration of the end of winter and nature’s rebirth.

In Italy, Easter Sunday is a national event, but also the Monday after is a holiday called Little Easter or Angel’s Monday. If for Easter Sunday Italians eat at home or at a restaurants with their relatives, in Angel’s Monday they usually go out for a picnic with friends to enjoy the first days of Spring. Continue Reading…