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Historical Origins of Food Preservation

food preservation techniques: the origins

Food by its nature begins to spoil the moment it is harvested and food preservation enabled ancient man to make roots and live in one place and form a community. With the beginning of commerce, food preservation techniques have permited to transport goods from a country to another and disseminate different food culture. Continue Reading…


Food safety standards and agri-food supply chains: an introductory overview

food safety regulations and supply chain

In recent years there has been an increased international focus on food safety standards, enforced through legislation and firms at different levels of the supply chain.

During the last years different laws has improved the food safety standards including the characteristics of the final product, production practices in the food supply chain, traceability and legal liability of the supply chain. Continue Reading…

Diet and nutrition, Technology

All about food preservations: the most common methods of food preservation that you should know


Food, by nature, is perishable. Without intervention, food falls victim to the forces of nature, namely bacteria, yeast, and fungus, and begin to degrade. The effects of food spoilage are not only unappetizing, but the agents of spoilage can also cause food borne illnesses or even death.

For thousands of years, humans have been using various methods to prolong the freshness and safety of their food in order to stabilizing their food supply. While some of these methods are relatively new, many of them date back to ancient times. We may have refined the processes and come to better understand the mechanisms, but the basic concepts remain the same today. Continue Reading…