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The market of high quality corporate presents is on the up. And for Christmas 2017 we are witnessing a return to tradition, especially in Italy, where large businesses are already moving with time to spare, choosing from the many food & beverage specialities the territory has to offer. Not only panettone and bubbles, but gourmet treats carefully selected for customers and collaborators alike.
After years in which we have seen a preference for electrical consumer goods and wellbeing experience packages, this year companies have returned to gifting high quality food & beverage products, often linked to good causes. In fact, there is a penchant for specialities coming from Italy’s earthquake-stricken regions, Abruzzo and Umbria, or from prisons, such as in Padua where 150 inmates are employed in a baker’s which has quickly made an excellent name for itself in the production of Christmas sweetmeats. Thus the customary corporate gift is given extra meaning: the receiver is pleased to receive high quality products while making a small gesture of solidarity.

So the market is growing, but only for the more evolved companies. Such as Hampers, a branch of Alifood that started working in the corporate gifts field in 2003. Working in this sector requires a background in marketing, logistics and customisation, as well as a perfect knowledge of the world of food & beverage. In fact, even the simplest gift is chosen together with the client, customised with the company logo or the receiver’s initials; then there is the packaging to prepare, delivery to organise. In 14 years of work, Hampers has established a perfectly synchronised supply chain enabling them to satisfy even the most complicated demands, throughout Italy and abroad.

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