The victory of Cheese & Co. : dairy industry’s sales grow in European countries

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In according to the last research, cheeses are the European favorite fresh food and the more competitive products for groceries and retailers.

The Society of International Research has monitored the performance of the10 most important fresh food in the 6 biggest Western European countries: Germany, France, Italy, Great Britain, Holland and Spain.

This research shows that cheeses, yogurt, milk butter and diaries are the 44% of fresh products bought by German, French, Italian, Dutch and Spanish.


Also, in the top 5 list of the most performing fresh food of the year, 4 products belong to the category of diaries.

That’s the top list of fresh products best performer:

  • First place: cheese with a turnover of 20,8 billion euro
  • Second place: butter and other cream cheeses with a turnover of 6,4 billion euro
  • Third place: fresh cream with a turnover of 2,1 billion euro

And at Fifth place, after the ready to eat meals, we found the fresh milk.

Dairy industry grows the sales in Europe and Italy increase its exports

Germany and France are the biggest consumers of diaries products and also the largest importers of Italian cheeses.

In according to Istat data, in 2014 the Italian cheese export grew both in France and Germany: 6,5% in quantity and 5,5% in value compared with 2013.

Another important news for Italian cheese industry is that South Korea and Algeria have given the green light for the import of Parmigiano Reggiano and Grana Padano. This is a great news for Italian export to start new trade flows and keep disseminating the Italian food culture in the world.

To discover more informations about Parmigiano, Grana Padano and others Italian cheeses keep following us and visit the Alifood website: you’ll find more and more informations about Italian cheeses!




Source: This is a free translation of the article “Caseario, vendite europee in crescita”, by the Italian magazine “Food”.

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