Packaging: the dynamic label is made in Italy

dynamic label for food

A team of researchers of I.I.T (Italian Institute of Technology) and the University of Politecnico in Milan have patented the dynamic label: a special label printed on the package and provided with a display.

In the future of packaging there is a greater attention to the sustainability and transparency of information on the labels, even with the use of technological innovations.

Italian researchers have responded to these needs with a new model of label, able to integrate sustainability and transparency with low costs. Dynamic label has provided with photovoltaic energy source able to feed a control module to send message to a video display.


How does dynamic label operate?

Dynamic label can be printed or integrated with extreme flexibility on plastic bottles, but also adapts to glass and paper packages. Each component, also, is easily separable for recycling. The device, therefore, responds to the needs of marketing, showing informational and promotional messages and images, but it gives also information about the state of preservation of the product and other countless communication.

Also, the circuits of the dynamic label can be applied using printing techniques already in use, so without request additional charge to a packaging companies. Not surprisingly, the research team has already signed some partnerships, therefore, the invention could soon appear on the shelves.




Source: This article is a free translation of Packaging, l’etichetta dinamica è made in Italy

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