The countdown to the Expo 2015 is started: here it is the best of made in Italy


We start the counting down to the Expo 2015 and these are the numbers that make big our food farming market.

It’s not a surprise when we talk about the Italian food as an excellence recognized worldwide, but Coldiretti, the main Italian farming organization, has studied the situation of Italian farming on the Expo eve and it has translated this excellence in number.

Italian food farming market has as many certifications food as possible and the best organic and healthy products in the European Community. In addition, the Italian farming is the more eco-friendly due to the reduced emission of gas carbon.

In according to Coldiretti, Italy has a food farming balance that is more than double of the European average. Italy is on the top of safety food in the world, with the smallest number of food products with chemical residues (0.2%) and 43.852 biological farming. The Italian farming emits 35% less greenhouse gas of the EU average and it is definitely better than Spain (12% less), France (35%), Germany (39%) and the UK (58% less greenhouse gas).

Finally, Italy is the country with the largest variety products with 268 products DOP and IGP, 4.813 regional food traditions, followed only by France, 207, and Spain, 162. In the wine sector, Italy can be proud also of its 332 Doc, 73 DOCG and 118 IGT wines.

Italian farmers, with their work, have built a farming of extraordinary quality, with distinctive characteristics, with a variety and a joint that has no equal in the world. This production model replicable in every part of the planet is the contribution to a sustainable development that Italy want offer at the Expo.



This article is a free translation of the article A 100 giorni da Expo, ecco i 5 primati del made in Italy


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