Food and Beverages Trends for 2016: natural food and return to basic

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New global products tracked with “organic” claim have risen from9.5% in the first half of 2015, also ‘free from’ foods have all gained traction and moved on to the next level during 2015. Other emerging trends for 2016 include the rise of the part-time vegetarian (‘flexitarian’) consumer, interest in a return to food processing the natural or old-fashioned way.


Here, the top food and beverages trends for 2016:

  1. Organic Growth for Clear Label: transparency and clear label is a key trend because synonymous of simpler and healthier products with fewer artificial additives.
  2. Free From Food: Many consumers don’t actually need products that are free from gluten, wheat and dairy, but are demanding them anyway, as they believe them to be healthier.
  3. Part-time Vegetarians: The rise of part-time vegetarians, who have reduced their meat consumption because of health, sustainability and animal welfare concerns, is having a major impact on new product activity.
  4. Processing in Natural way: natural form of production and preservation are preferred then heavily processed foods. Newer technologies such as HPP may also succeed if they are seen as a fresh alternative to using preservatives.
  5. Green Vegetables: consumers know that they need to eat more green vegetables thanks to their properties. The rise of fusion smoothies and high vegetable meals indicates that adults increase their green food intake.


Read below the insights about organic, vegetarian and gluten free products consumptions.


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