Food consumer guide: how to read a food label with an infographic

guide to read a food label


Today, food traceability intend to guarantee more and more the food safety during the entire food chain: the flow of goods is accompanied by a flow of information, which is recorded and conserved. The traceability procedure trace and follow a food, feed, food-producing animal of ingredients through all stages of production, processing and distribution. Every single step in the food chain it must be recorded, every ingredients must be noted, so every company which markets the finished product can trace the original ingredients.



Labelling regulations: what you must find on the food labels

According to the last European rules, consumers must find on the food labels also nutritional, health information and the presence of allergens. The regulation also prohibited the misleading information, and established also a minimum size of label to make easier it to read. Read the labels carefully and pay attention to check:

  1. Nutritional Information, included the energy content
  2. The presence of allergens
  3. Expiry dates
  4. The origin of product



If there are some violation, remember to help the industry regulators by reporting irregularities.  Now below, the infographic to read a food label and avoid the food fraud.


Food consumer guide


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