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According to the results of research undertaken by the eCommerce B2C Observatory, set up by the Polytechnic of Milan in partnership with Netcomm, food delivery services were the number one sector on the Italian online market in 2019, worth €566 million.

To be precise, this industry will end 2019 with an estimated growth of approximately 56% compared to 2018; and food delivery services are operating in 93% of Italian cities with over 50,000 residents, 19% more than the figure recorded in 2018.

Before analysing the areas where food delivery services are more widespread, we should first mention a figure that helps us grasp the power of this phenomenon: in 2019, 47% of Italians had access to online food services, i.e. 14% more than the previous year.

Not surprisingly, the Italian city where ordering food online for home delivery is most popular is Milan. Rome comes second, while Turin is in third place.

According to the figures published by the eCommerce B2C Observatory set up by the Polytechnic of Milan and Netcomm, the most popular dishes ordered through food delivery services in 2019 were the following:


2-ice cream



5-wok dishes

A fascinating statistic that goes some way to explaining the food delivery boom was published on the SEMrush platform: Internet search engines recorded four times as many searches for ‘eating at home’ than searches for ‘eating out’.

SEMrush also revealed the services that Italians prefer (in descending order): the top food delivery service is Just Eat with an average of 555,000 searches per month, followed by Deliveroo with 142,500, Glovo and Uber Eats.

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