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Global food security: industry leaders are talking about it at Expo Milano 2015

global food security

Global food security is one of the most important topic for change the face of food industry in terms of quality and innovation. At Expo Milano 2015, food industry leaders are working to share examples of rural and urban innovation, in order to a global food security.

The event showcased the Global Food Security Index, which shows that great strides continually being made, but there are also new and continuing challenges in the Central and Eastern European regions resulting from political unrest and growing urbanization.

In particular, the main theme was the increase of global population and the consequences on food systems. The Global Food Security Index seek to influence a person’s ability to eat, focusing on resources to strengthen food system and their resiliency.


Global food security means innovation and better nutrition


Invest according to a global food security means more innovation for farmer productivity, a better nutrition quality, a creation of fair and open trade policies, and the reduction of food waste.

In addition to the Global Food Security Index, the Economist Intelligence Unit also presented a white paper regarding The Role of Innovation in Meeting Food Security Challenges, which identifies the challenges and important technological solutions related to global food security.

In particular, the white paper shows three key areas of opportunity for the accessibility of quality food: investments on biotechnology, support for smallholder farmers, and the rise of urban agriculture.

Expo Milan 2015 promotes many projects about global food safety and healthy nutrition, to sustain a sustainable behavior of food industry together to a food nutrition aware.





Source: Industry Leaders Convene At Expo Milano 2015 To Address Global Food Security

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