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What is High Pressure Processing and why can be the best preservation method for dairy products

hpp dairy products

High Pressure Processing (HPP) is an innovative non-thermal pasteurization process able to keep dairy products fresh and improve their shelf life. HPP machines only require electricity and water, which is recycled, so it is an environmentally friendly, natural and clean process.

Dairy products, yogurts and milk are only some kind of foods that can be HPP:  shape and integrity are preserved because pressure is identical on every part of the products. That makes HPP ideal also for bottles, cups, pouches etc…

Here, some dairy products introduced to a high pressure processing in their final package:


Dairy spreads

Cream cheeses and dairy spreads can be HPP to enhance their shelf life, preserving sensorial and nutritional quality. Ingredients, taste and properties are totally respected and products maintain all their freshness.

Colostrum Beverages

Colostrum is the first milk produced by mammals to protect and support the immune system of newborn. HPP is the best option to preserve the bioactive components such as immunoglobulis, lactoferrin and growth factors.


HPP of cheese inactivates pathogenic and spoilage micro-organism and innovative texture can be developed.


A post packaging HPP of yogurt bring different advantage, such as the shelf life (up to 3 month) and the inactivation of spoiling bacteria preserving only probiotic strains.

Probiotic dairy products

HPP enhances shelf life of probiotic dairy products and increasing their quality keeping taste unchanged. HPP method is perfect for probiotic beverage and new beverage formats (such as juices): no fermentation, no culture management, only fresh and healthy food.


HPP milk has a longer shelf life and it may improve the texture of products made with it, such as yogurt and cheeses.


In summary, new and functional products can be developed thanks to HPP. Here the best advantages of HPP:

  • Post packaging pasteurization process avoiding any recontamination
  • Effective eliminating spoilage and pathogenic micro-organism
  • No impact of sensory and nutritional properties
  • Increases of shelf-life maintaining product freshness

That means more security for products, more protection for brands, more possibilities to expand markets and more organic and functional foods.





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