After having been quiet for seven months, it is not by chance that we selected this title for a brand new article on our blog. 

A pandemic is by definition a situation that involves everybody, that worst case scenario – from a health standpoint – which takes us all by surprise and somehow forces us to reconsider our own circumstances. This is exactly what we did in the last few months: first of all, we took care of our co-workers, ensuring that they could still operate in a safe environment; then we moved on to reassessing our position in the light of the changes that we are all facing these days.

A crisis is a time of great difficulty when important decisions must be made. The way you face it depends on your outlook on life and ours has always been very positive and rather proactive, this is why we quoted Albert Einstein: we found new opportunities, we rolled up our sleeves and thought of new ways to continue you delivering to you the highest quality in everything we do.

Some call it resilience, we take pride in calling it Italianity. As clarity was eventually made by the European Food Safety Authority about food not being a vehicle of transmission of the Covid-19 virus, we thought it was time for us to play our part in preventing a health crisis to become a food crisis, to do our bit for all the producers – always very attentive to quality, sustainability and safety – that rely on our service.

This is why we are very proud to announce that great changes are coming your way: in order to comply with your requests and needs, we are working on a new, better performing platform. We are about to produce and share new contents on all our channels. We are going to implement significant changes in our digital presence in order to offer you a better service. Italy has never been so close, make the most of our gorgeous products.


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