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Italian special bakery: an introduction to Italian pastries and cakes

Italian bakery tradition

After pizza, pasta, cheeses and wines, Italy is famous also for its pastries tradition. Italians have an ancient and historical bakery tradition, with different specialty from every region. Italian bakery products can make special any occasion, the offer is so various that who want to try some Italian bakery specialty doesn’t know where to start.


So, here are some of most famous Italian pastries that be worth to try.


  1. Brioche or Cornetto

Italians typically start their morning with something sweet: what is better than begin your day with a soft brioche? In Italy, the brioche – also said cornetto – is only eaten for breakfast and in pair with coffee or cappuccino, where you can deep it into. The dough has more sugar than the French variety. Also, Italians brioches can be empty and ready to be filled with the ingredients that you prefer: chocolate, cream, honey and jelly.


  1. Tiramisù

Tiramisù in Italian means literally “pick me up” and it makes sense because this traditional pastry is made of coffee-coated soft cookies called Savoiardi, mascarpone cream and chocolate in powder. Many regions claim the authorship of Tiramisù, but the opinions of most link the dessert to Treviso city, in Veneto regions.


  1. Cannoli

Cannoli from Sicily are rolls of fired Italian pastry dough filled with creamy ricotta filling and sprinkled with chocolate chips, pistachio crumbs or candied fruits. You can be sure that Cannoli are good when you see them empty in the window of bakery, because that means they’ll add the cream fresh as you order.


  1. Torrone

Torrone is a traditional Italian nut-log normally consuming during Christmas season. It seems a candy bar and is somewhere between a cake and a confection. The main ingredients are honey, eggs, sugar and toasted almonds, but there are many varieties. You can eat soft, hard or chewy torrone, pistachio and almond flavored or chocolate. In Italy many cities have their own recipe, but the tradition version is from Cremona in Lombardy, where every year torrone is celebrated with torrone festival.




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