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6 Awesome Italian Cheeses Everyone Should Know

stellar italian cheeses

Italian cheeses are an important part of an amazing culinary tradition: they have a long and unique culinary history and their variety is surprising. If, other cheeses like French cheeses give their own best served preceding or culminating a meal, Italian cheeses are often woven into the fabric of meal, from breakfast to lunch and dinner. Nevertheless, only a part of the whole offer of Italian cheeses is known abroad, but most popular doesn’t mean also best taste.

There are many Italian cheeses which are typical of Italian tables and ideal for cooking a typical Italian meal. Italian cheese is not only Parmigiano Reggiano or Grana Padano over a dish of fresh pasta, or Buffalo Mozzarella over a tasty pizza Margherita. Italian cheese tradition offers a triumph of cheeses that they do stand on their own.

So, here are some stellar Italian cheeses that ought to be part of your repertoire.

1. Raschera

Raschera is an Italian cheese made from cows’ milk but also some goats’ or sheep’s milk may be added. It has a fine and delicate flavor, ivory white in color, with an elastic texture and with irregular holes. It’s very strong aroma is a culinary experience: try it with a delicious risotto and a glass of Barolo wine.

2. Montasio

Montasio is a semi-hard, cows’ milk cheese, which process dates back to the 13th century. You can taste it in two version: young if you prefer a harmonious, mild flavor aroma or aged with a more pungent taste. You can taste Montasio cheese like appetizer with asparagus and ham.

3. Ubriaco

Ubriaco is a typical Italian cheese bathed in gallons of dry and sparkling wine to obtain a unique sweet, delicate wine aroma and its complex flavors. It is perfect for appetizing antipastos or with a classic Italian risotto.

4. Valcasotto

Valcasotto is a typical mountain cheese prepared with cow’s milk and mixed with sheep and goat’s milk. It the right cheese if you are looking for an intense flavor, which recalls the fragrance of pastures. Try it over pasta or as an ingredient for your soups.

5. Taleggio

Taleggio is one of the oldest Italian cheese and today it is still produced according to tradition. It is a fresh and semi-soft cheese, excellent with bread or grated on salads. It gives to every dishes a touch of fruity tang.

6. Gorgonzola

First of all, Gorgonzola cheese is not a simply blue cheese: Gorgonzola has its distinctive blue-green veins and a crumbly and soft texture. It has a nutty aroma and it can consume in many ways, for this reason it is appreciated in worldwide restaurants and high quality cuisines. Gorgonzola cheese is excellent eaten simply paired with fruits, walnuts or honey and a glass of red wine.

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