Italian cured meat exports grow up

italian cured meat exports

According to data by Assica (Association of Meat and Salumi Industrialist belonging to Confindutria) Italian cured meat exports came to 70,630 tonnes (+7%) worth 590.8 million euros (+8,4%).

The last report confirm the trend in the first quarter and the acceleration of the sector starting from 2013.

The cured meat products with a strong growth are:

  • Cured ham, in particular the boneless hams
  • Salami, in spite of the decline exports to the Russian Federation (-70%) due to import blocks imposed in response to non-tariff barriers in Baltic and trade tensions linked with the crisis in Ukraine.
  • Mortadella and Wurstel, with excellent results in Switzerland and USA
  • Boiled ham, in particular in EU countries
  • Bacon, with excellent performance in non-EU countries
  • Bresaola with positive data in UK, France and Netherlands

The infographic below shows the scenario of Italian cured meat export :

 Italian cured meat export



Source:  Eurocarne 

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