Italian food remains the most popular ethnic cuisine in United States

italian food in USA

According to a recent report by the National Restaurant Association, Italian food is the most popular ethnic cuisine in United States.

61% of people interviewed have declared that they eat Italian food at least once a month, and 26% said they eat it a few times a year. By comparison, Mexican and Chinese cuisine (the big competitor of Italian cuisine in USA) were eaten respectively once a month by 50% and 36% of those surveyed.


Italian food: it’s a family reason

Although Italian food is popular across the country, it is particularly popular in the Northeast, where 71% of respondents said they eat it frequently, at least once a month.

In the Northeast live the 44% of Italian-Americans, (according to the United States Census Bureau), and the (NRA) found that 43% of respondents said the ethnic foods they like to eat are tied to their family’s “ancestry or heritage.”

Italian food is widespread among all age groups, although it peaks with people ages 35 to 54, followed by Millenials. Respondents in households with children were more likely to frequently eat Italian food than those from households without kids — 68% compared with 58%.


Where do they eat Italian food?

Restaurants with table service were the most common sources of Italian food for respondents (61%), followed by who cook Italian food at home. The 35% takeout or delivery and 16% of respondents said they dined in at limited-service restaurants or got takeout from grocery or convenience stores.



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