Italian spumante exports grow up 20%

Italian spumante exports

Coldiretti announced at Expo 2015 the increased of Italian spumante exports worldwide. The most famous sparkling wine grows up 20% its export during the first five months of 2015, marking a new historical record.

The most appreciated Italian spumante are Prosecco and Asti, loved in particular in USA (+49%) and UK (+55%).

Prosecco is a white wine grape variety used to make sparkling wine. It also happens to be a region located in Veneto in northwest Italy. Most Prosecco wines are meant to be enjoyed young and fresh, so try to buy the newest vintage. You’ll find the aromatics to be flowery and peachy with nuances of vanilla bean, even though it will taste dry.

Asti is one of the sweetest sparkling wines in Italy. With frothy bubbles and a highly perfumed nose of Asian pear, honeysuckle and nectarine, it goes extremely well with sweet desserts and white chocolate.

Now more than ever, Italian spumante bottles were uncorked abroad, more than last year when with 320 million of exported bottles it passed the French champagne (stopped with 307 million of bottles).

The great result of Italian spumante abroad supports the entire Italian wine sector. Meanwhile, in Italy it has just begun the earliest grape harvest for more than a decade with an estimated production increase of at least 5% over last year. We attend about 44 million hectoliter of great quality sparkling wine.
The weather conditions with the great heat have accelerated the process and – according to Coldiretti – anticipated the harvest which ranks as the second earliest since the war, second only to that of 2003, the year of a historic drought, when it began the 2 August.

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Source of data: ANSA


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