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Italian Street Food: 7 classic street foods to try at least once in your life

italian street food

Street food is a ready-to-eat meal sold by a vendor in a street or in other public place, where people can taste regional specialties or recipes spread beyond their region of origin. In Italy, street food is also an opportunity to get flavorful food, for a reasonable price and in a sociable setting.


Here, 7 classic Italian street foods:


  1. Arancini

Arancini are fried rice balls made of crisped risotto stuffed with gooey cheese, peas and minced meats. That’s a typical example of regional plates appreciated all over Italy: a gift of Sicily culinary tradition.


  1. Fried fresh fish or “Cuppo napoletano”

Another prove of the deep-fried deliciousness: a paper cone filled with fried seafood ready to taste nearby the sea. Enjoy your seafood with some drop of lemon juice and a glass of white wine.


  1. Pizza by the cut or “Pizza al taglio”

A timeless tradition: rectangular pizza cut in slices and savored with different ingredients, sold by weight and ready to eat by walking, hot or cold…it doesn’t matter.


  1. Panelle

Panelle can’t be translated: slices of fried chickpea polenta that come from the Italian poor man’s food of the past. You can eat them alone or in a sandwich, it’s always a crunchy savored golden snack.


  1. Ascolana Olives

Mediterranean countries tend to be in love with all things olive, and Italy is no exception. Though Ascolana Olives generally classified as an antipasto, they’re a superb finger food. You have to try these fried green olive stuffed with cooked meat, eggs, parmigiano cheese and nutmeg.


  1. Brioche con gelato

True Italian Ice cream (read the article the true story about ice-cream: the difference between italian gelato and ice cream for more info) served in a brioche bun… That is all there is to say.


  1. Porchetta Romana

Porchetta is the food of fairs and country festivals, a typical dish of Centre Italy that you can taste also near the very popular places sold by some peddler. It consists in a deboned pork, filled with mixed herbs, salt and pepper and then baked. Porchetta is served in slices as main ingredients of panino imbottito, a big filled sandwich with Porchetta sometimes in pair with other ingredients like salad, tomatoes and sauces.


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