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Europeans love the “Redheads”: the love story of Italian tomatoes

italian tomatoes market

Europe is the main destination area of Italian tomatoes products and the turnover is running up. In according to Anicav, the main international association of tomatoes industry, the value of Italian tomatoes market grew by 7% in the last year.

In particular, the most important importer countries are Germany and Great Britain, but also the export to Africa, Asia and Usa is growing very quickly.

The market of tomatoes is growing and its export oriented is confirmed

In Italy, in 2013/2014 four tons of tomatoes were processed and two important goals were completed for the companies of this sector.

  • The foundation of the Center of processing tomatoes
  • The recognition of the IGP certification for the peeled tomatoes

Italian peeled tomato is a prestigious Italian product: this wonderful product has an intense, sweet flavor and a delicious texture and it is more and more loved throughout Europe. Furthermore, for its affordability it’s became an important product for Italian exports during the economic crisis.

Italy has a great food tradition about tomato: tomatoes and tomato products have always been a natural part of Italian diet, you can find an incredible variety of tomato to choose: from the most traditional pulp and passata and the most convenient whole peeled tomatoes.

The original taste of Italian tomatoes can add a rich flavor and a very bright color to pasta sauces, soups and pizzas, but they are excellent also with bread for a tasty snack or happy hour typical with the classic bruschetta.

In Italy you can attend many food events about tomato, for taste new flavor for your restaurants or meet new business contacts and of course for discover more about Italian culinary culture.

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Source: This is a free translation of the article “Agli Europei piaccino le rosse”, by the Italian magazine “Food”.

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