More and more Italian wines in the abroad Supermarkets

italian wines sales abroad

In 2015 Italian wine sales have been growing abroad, above all thanks to the international retailers and supermarkets.

In Italy, wine sales are going better then 2014, but the reason is not about the quality or the first economic resilience. In according to Vinitaly, the wine sales are increasing thanks to the large retailers but also for a new communication way:

  • The better readability of the wine label
  • A marketing communication more consumers oriented
  • Digital investments, like app and vertical banner
  • Dissemination of wine culture with more wine testing events

Italian wine: a government project to win the international market

Today, Italian wine is the 35% of the imported wine in USA and the 30% of the wine sales by the large retailers in Germany. Also the Asian markets, which today represent just the 5% of the wine international market, is running up with an increase of 16,9% in the last year.

In according to Vinitaly, the Italian wine export can grow more thanks to the government project for increasing the Italian wine export abroad and promoting new international trades and partnerships.

Italian wine cellars isn’t exporting just an excellent product made in Italy, but also a history and a solid tradition. Hence, labels and brands represent an identity, a land and the quality. In this concept, this project includes also a new management of the prices regulations and the defense of the real wine value.

Looking at the map of Italian wines, from north to south you meet different wine excellence well-know all over the world. The difference in soil and landscape are reflected in the production of wine: every region is a true discovery of the finest wine in the world.

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Saurce: Gdo: piu’ vino italiano nei supermercati esteri

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