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Italy, homeland of pasta and bread, is the best place for celiac persons

food for celiac persons

People who have celiac disease become sick after consumption of food with gluten, a component of wheat and that we found in foods such as pasta, bread, cereals and pizza.

Italy is well known as the homeland of pasta and bread, nevertheless Italy continues to produce gluten free product, especially pasta.

Italy, an happy land for celiac people

Italian government undertook measures and still offer considerable benefits to those suffering the disease. For example, celiac persons can take more time off from work because they spend more time to prepare gluten-free food. Also, they have vouchers worth up to 140 euros every month to buy gluten-free food in the supermarket.

and the country is considered the largest market for gluten-free food in Europe. So, Italians and tourists who suffers of celiac disease can feel safer in Italy and eat all the pasta they want without worry about getting sick.

Expo Milan 2015 has dedicated a sector to gluten-free product represented by Aic (Italian association for celiac disease) who draws up a list of hotels and restaurants in Milan where gluten-free food is served. Many stands at Expo guarantee a gluten free menu, that means about 25% of daily lunch are gluten-free.

The effort to cook well and healthy for people with celiac disease is a great opportunity to learn and discover new and alternative ingredients, because


 Food should never be a problem, but a pleasant and healthy habit, with which to establish a peaceful relationship.


Source of data: Schoolguide

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