Logistics and supply

Innovative logistic model meets the food sector


The digital business revolution, introduced by the information communication technology, point out the logistics urgency. The speed, the globalization and the fragmentary of the markets is the present and perspective theatre, where logistics act for strategic cross between the old and the new economy dynamics.

An innovative logistic model is come.

Flow logistics, e-logistics, district logistics, are only some of the numerous perspectives, in a picture that is certainly not yet complete.

It doesn’t exist a true shortage of food in the world. The only one problem is the logistic system.”

This is a famous quote of Nobel Prize for the economy, Amartya Sen. The point is that living in an evolving economy system, we have to learn to respond with innovative logistic solutions.

Today, more and more food companies have introduces an integrated management system that can satisfy the new exigencies of customers and consumers.

A new supply chain and a modern logistic concept

In according to the modern logistic concept, there are three fundamental elements when we talk about an integrated management system:

  1. Comprehension and speed in satisfy the market needs and customers’ requirements
  2. Agility in adapting to market changes
  3. Reliability, to get the best out through the minimal input

The supply chain management revolution, imposed by the clients and markets, is based on the time based competition and on the service competition. Two strategic goals that are also the main characteristics of the new economy. So, it’s obvious that the final aim will be the efficient consumer response.

Finally, the integration process via web is announced: the marriage between internet and logistic is going to open a new landscape where who we’ll have the control of the web, will get also the logistic control. The logistic platforms, virtual and real, will go together to make easier the exchange of products and informations, from the fork to the final consumers.


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