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Olive oil as medicine: the effect on blood lipids

EVOO for healthy nutrition

Health property of olive oil have been recognized since 1970s, with a famous research about the connection between heart diseases and consume of extra virgin olive oil.

The results of this research showed that risks of heart diseases decreased with a typical Mediterranean diet, composed by meals plant-based and extra virgin olive oil in place of animal products.

Extra virgin olive oil, or EVOO, is the only food source rich in monounsaturated fat, well knowing also as “good fat”. This component is fundamental for the health benefits of the traditional Mediterranean diet.

Phenols and LDL: two things that everybody should to know about blood and heart health

Extra virgin olive oil is reach in Polyphenols, which are phenols (natural components essential for the health of the heart and blood), but they are particularly healthy because POLYphenols. EVOO follows a particular process making: it is processed in a manner similar to many fruit juices, where fruit is crushed and the juice is extracted. In contrast, the other olive oil or inexpensive oil, follow an industrial process that strips away phenols deprive of all their benefits.

Recent research has been focused also on EVOO effects and LDL factor. LDL has been the lipoprotein most researched since 1980s, because of its connection with cholesterol. Now, some studies show that EVOO may also improve blood levels of LDL.

Daily use of EVOO and the doctor is out

Daily use of EVOO (about two tablespoon) can improve the lipid profile with decreases in LDL and increases in HDL.

The health benefit of EVOO are strictly related to phenol content and monounsaturated fat content. This means that, to maintain its healthy property, EVOO should contain phenol elements. Unfortunately, EVOO labels often don’t reveal phenolic content and the major of EVOO in sold is not fresh.

The secret to obtain a quality EVOO product is to select oils with a harvest date form the most recent season and choose containers that protect the oil from light.

This research is always in progress, but disseminate information about food properties can help consumers in choosing an olive oil (as well as other food and beverage products) rich in elements which are important for the health of body.



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