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According to a famous quote by Simon Sinek “customers will never love a company until the employees love it first”. In our case, since the vast majority of our activities is based on good human relationships managed with professionalism, our personnel are the soul of our business and their attitudes translate into all the products and services we offer. This is why in Alifood we constantly work on improving our workplace and our internal procedures in order to create an environment that maximizes their retention rate.

Chiara Campanella has been part of our team since 2013 but she has known us – and we, her – for a long time because she used to work in the export office of one of our suppliers. Her university degree in Foreign Languages and Literature provided her with strong skills in English, French and German which Chiara speaks fluently; this ability, together with her significant background in food export, made her succeed in joining our company as one of our Export Managers. Extremely dynamic and with a proactive attitude, Chiara is in charge of managing the portfolio of our clients in the Middle East, Far East and part of South America. A great team player and a true food lover, Chiara is always up-to-date with the latest trends in the market which she gladly shares with her colleagues in all our departments.

“Always ready for new challenges” is her motto: when we could travel freely, this brought her all over Italy, scouting for new products to offer to our clients whom she also visited on a regular basis. Now that the pandemic is forcing us to limit our actions within the office space, she spends most of her time keeping in touch with the clients she looks after: she is always online or on the telephone answering their pre- and after-sales requests and – most of all – listening to their needs in order to always provide them with the best, personalized solutions. Meticulous and very well organized, Chiara is an important asset to us also in times of fairs and tradeshows. The empathy she brings into her daily work routine comes from one of her greatest passions which is travelling and discovering new cultures; the other one is experimenting in her kitchen all the recipes that she takes back home from her trips.

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