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Exporting the culture of the Italian way of eating has led our activities since 1997, when Alifood was founded. After almost 25 years in the business, we now have a portfolio of over 250 products that we export in 19 different countries across the world. In our organization the Export Manager – the professional that serves as an intermediary between our foreign clients and domestic suppliers – is an essential figure. Carolina Bassino is one of them.

After taking a diploma in Account and Product Management, Carolina took her first professional steps in her family business: a company operating in the footwear sector where she gradually gained such a significant expertise that she eventually left it to join another company in the fashion industry. Carolina first joined Alifood 15 years ago, during her training period in the commercial sector. Even though she initially opted for a career in the fashion business, she kept cultivating her passion for Italian food and her relationship with our team, that she eventually joined again at the beginning of this year.

“Keep improving yourself, never stop learning” is her motto and she consistently applies it to her daily working routine. A great team player, Carolina always welcomes her colleagues’ ideas and support. Enthusiast about her new role in our company, she is very much aligned with the dynamism it entails and always keen to help our clients in finding the best products that suit their needs. Her positive attitude, combined with her proficiency in English – gained by studying the language in several colleges in the U.K. and U.S.A. – allowed her to establish good relationships with all of them as soon as she took on the role.

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