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Famous for its mild taste, Stracchino is a fresh cheese produced in northern Italy – mainly in Lombardy, Piedmont and Veneto – using whole cow’s milk and raw curd. It usually comes in square slabs, one to two inches thick, that may vary in size and it is always wrapped in paper to keep its natural moisture. Low in calories and in fat, Stracchino is rich with high-quality proteins, phosphorus and vitamins; its nutritional values – together with its enjoyable soft texture and delicate flavor of milk – make it the perfect complement in a healthy meal.

Besides its flavor, what makes this cheese one of the most sold ones is its versatility. It can be added to a risotto for a light creaminess, used on pizza instead of mozzarella or – since it is easily digestible – it can be the light filling of a tart or even a cheesecake. Italian food lovers do not miss to appreciate it on its own as a main course with a side of cooked greens or simply served with fresh tomatoes and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. Its consistency makes it also the perfect spread on freshly baked bread just as much as the ideal ingredient for a lovely, Italian version of Cheese on Toast. The variant made using goat’s milk, with a more intense flavor, is excellent to prepare creative cold starters with fresh vegetables and chutneys or to fill a focaccia. True cheese lovers may even enjoy it on its own, paired with a glass of chilled, fruity Italian white wine.

Extremely popular in Italy, Stracchino is not so well-known abroad yet. Its short expiry date makes it a difficult product to be exported in faraway countries: however, since we enjoy new challenges when it comes to promoting Italian food excellences worldwide, here in Alifood we keep investing in R&D in order to implement new IQF technologies that can prolong its shelf-life while preserving all the organoleptic properties and good taste for which this product is famous for.

Thanks to the latest innovations in food preservation, in the next few years Stracchino could easily become a real alternative to other Italian cheeses even in international markets and create, together with mozzarella and burrata, a unique and unrivaled selection of fresh Italian cheeses.

Just like many other fresh cheeses, Stracchino will last for 2-3 days in the refrigerator if sealed in an airtight container; however, it is so tasty and moreish that it is likely to finish the same day it is purchased.

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