Sustainability trends for food: Italians prefer eco-friendly food products

sustainability food

Last food and beverage trends indicate that 75% of Italian consumers consider the environmental impact before buying food, as well as price and quality. Eco-friendly food products are preferred by 17% of Italians, although awareness of environmental sustainability issues related to food products is moderate than other European countries.

The truth is that Italians are focusing on country of origin, because it is a brand of quality and authenticity. This is not a reaction against foreign food products, but stems from high quality of fresh and processed food which are produced in Italy: all key elements for Italian cuisine tradition.

Italian is also strong in market of organic food: it is the EU’s third largest exporter of organic products, after Germany and France. The Italian organic sector has continued to grow over the past six years, even though the economic crises, maybe in response to each food safety scandal and the environmental crises, such as the Fukushima crises.

Eco-friendly food products guarantee the traceability and respect the slow food philosophy

Italians have a very strong focus on food traceability and on the country of origin, a behavior that come from a culinary culture based on connection with traditional roots. Regional produce is seen as more culturally authentic, natural and better tasting and this particular is true for traditional specialties such as buffalo mozzarella or Parma ham. Also, Italian consumers have a high level of faith in the Italian food safety control system.

Furthermore, Italian Government authorities have identified the country of origin as a priority requirement for food labels. In particular, Italian Parliament has been seeking to introduce national legislation that impose new labelling requirements for milk products.

So, trends for food and beverage 2014 confirm that Italian food is still seen as being safer than other imported alternatives.

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