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More sustainability on market shelves: the sustainable food is coming.

sustainable food on markets

In two years, we’ll go to the supermarket and will see on the shelves candied tomatoes, green cured meats and whole ketchup. 

The researchers of Ssica (the research station for preserved food industry) have explained at Expo Milan 2015 their last study about a more sustainable food, who could be available very soon for supermarkets worldwide. Five research projects are focused on the food industry to improve the quality of foods but also to optimize the costs of production and the management of wastes.

The goals of this project include a “social mission”: in fact, promote the technological and scientific progress in food sector means more consumerism, more benefit for health and more respect of environment.


Health, security and taste: the three keys for sustainable food

Health, security and the respect of taste is the guidelines of this project that has created new sustainable product like the whole ketchup. The has made with tomatoes paste mixed with vegetable scraps such as the seeds oils rich in phytosterols (anti-cholesterol).

Another sustainable product are the “green cured meats”, obtained thanks to some natural ingredients rich in polyphenols and vitamin C added in the mixture or in the muscle. The original taste and properties of products are maintained, but they are poor in salt and nitrites.

Thanks to the extract of caviar there will be a product very rich in protein, but poor in fat and in salt. In this way, a typical gourmet and expensive product will be available with a lower price and without any environmental impact. Also enhances a byproduct of the fishing industry so far largely underused, but rich in nutrients.

In the end, the candied tomatoes (cherry tomatoes and salad tomatoes) will be a product totally new. Tomatoes, usually eaten fresh, will be used as decoration for cocktails and dessert or in pair with cheeses and cured meats.

Ssica guarantees that every products included in their researches are subjected to scientific test to assure a high level of security for the health of the future consumers.



Source: This article is a free translation of Funzionali e sostenibili gli alimenti che tra due anni troveremo sugli scaffali dei supermercati

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