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Italian Fruit and vegetable go abroad

fruit and vegetable export

Based on the data processed by ISMEA SgMarketing, in the last decade Italian fruit has achieved the best performance in East-Central Europe, with +12% in value in 2013 in comparison with 2004. Markets opened in North Africa (+4%) and penetration increased in Asia (+4%) and Middle East (+3%). Also, in the same period of time exports of vegetables found space in the new EU countries (+14%). As for processed products, the most important market in terms of value is Asia, which concerns (9% of the exports).

Italian fruit and vegetable all around the world

In order to approach new markets, it is important define the behavior of consumers. Here a summary of typical consumer depending on his country of origin.


Western countries

In Western Europe, USA, Canada, Japan, and Australia, in which overall a billion people lives and where 70% of sales passes through retail, we are in front of mature and critical consumers, sensitive to issues concerning food security, ecological, social and economic sustainability of production, and who estimates the value of brand. Therefore, an offer linked to health (organic, functional foods), local or fair trade products is appreciated, especially if it is also accompanied by high value in service and is aesthetically appealing.


Eastern and far eastern Countries

In developing markets, such as Eastern Europe, Korea, Taiwan, and also China and Russia, food is an element which gives connotation of social status. So, special attention is paid to both aesthetic and intrinsic characteristics of both product and brand.


News Markets: Africa and Middle East

At the end, in new markets (Africa, Turkey, the Middle East, parts of Asia, India) food is perceived as a necessity, fruit and vegetables are considered a commodity and the main parameter is their price.

In the coming years some factors, such as recovery of the US economy, decline in oil prices, and loss of value of euro against dollar, should make international penetration more efficient. However, some critical issues remain, in particular the international political situation, first of all in India, Russia and in North Africa.





Italian Spumante: the star of export 2015

italian spumante export

In 2015 Italian spumante increased the export of 17%, with 373 million of bottles and a turnover of 2,573 billion euro. Italian spumante export has been also increasing in value of consume of 14% in 90 countries. The main consumers of Italian spumante remain stable the Europeans countries with the 65% of turnover. Continue Reading…


Italian small food-makers and the export opportunities in 2014

economic landescape of small food markers

In according to the recent survey by the Economist, the Italian smaller, often family-owned manufacturers that are the backbone of the Italian economy have been hit especially hard by the economic crisis: between 2008 and the first half of 2014, a fifth of them went bankrupt or into administration, or were voluntarily wound up. One of the reasons so many have gone to the wall is that they are too focused on the home market. Italian businesses of all sizes are much less likely to have export customers than German or Spanish ones, according to a recent study by SACE, Italy’s official export-credit agency.  Continue Reading…