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What is Polenta and how you can prepared it

how to cook polenta


Polenta is a versatile type of food, made from ground corn and water, and a typical dish part of traditional Northern Italian cuisine. The name originally comes from the Latin word for pearled grain (pŏllen pollĭnis, fior di farina, polvere or flour powder), and the dish, a gruel that could be made with all sorts of grains and legumes, dates to Roman times. Continue Reading…

Gourmet food

Authentic balsamic vinegar: the whole truth about the most famous Italian vinegar. Third Part.

balsamic vinegar of modena

Our appointment with the authentic balsamic vinegar continues with Balsamic Vinegar of Modena IGP.

Balsamic Vinegar of Modena begun very popular in 70’s, when the first balsamic vinegar products arrived in the US. This surge in popularity led to a rise in derivative products, which in turn led to the introduction of a protected designation for true balsamic vinegar. Actually, D.O.P. label is reserved only for the very best, so that’s where I.G.P designation comes in. Continue Reading…