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Last reports reveal that airlines are reforming their food menus to offer premium passengers better meals, hiring renowned chefs and offering fresher ingredients. More and more airlines are teaming up with world-class chefs, hoping to solve that ultimate how to serve a top-rate meal in the air. The strategy seems to be to throw glamorous, big-name chefs and hope that they can recreate on planes that same gastronomic magic they do at their restaurants.


The science of airline food


The main difficult to serve gourmet food on airplane is that atmosphere is so dry in the pressurized cabin, that the ability to smell and taste can be reduced by up to 30 percent. So airlines have turned to chefs who are skilled in the science of creating gourmet airline food to make their first-class food options as delicious as possible.

In an effort to ensure top-notch cuisine with regional authenticity, many airlines are going a step further and offering first-class passengers the opportunity to pre-order their in-flight meals, while others -such as Turkish Airlines and Etihad- are bringing those award-winning chefs along for the trip, where they can put final first-class touches on custom meals.


The menu covers a wide variety of local and international cuisine, but exact options vary depending on departure city.

Here, some example of gourmet food that you can taste on flight

  • Tasmanian salmon
  • Roast chicken breast in wild mushroom cream
  • Ricotta ravioli with cherry tomato sauce
  • Regional wines, champagne and liqueurs
  • High quality caviar


Airlines are also getting better at catering to dietary concerns: special meal options are very common today, including diabetic, kosher, halal, Hindu, gluten-free and vegan meals.

In many airlines, the menu rotation is revamped twice a year, and features six separate menus that are rotated weekly. That means you can fly once a week for six weeks without seeing the same menu. Each menu offers diners a choice of two entrees, three main courses, and a choice of cheese or dessert.

Around the world, airlines are investing heavily in the food that is served: attracting business class passengers is crucial to the success of any airline.

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