The offer of the Italian food industry and a focus on agriculture sector

sales markets of Italian food

Italian food industry, the second sector for importance after the metal and mechanical engineering industries, comprises about 58.000 companies employing about 385.000 people in 2014.

In 2014 the total sales turnover amounted to 132 billion € and in 2015 there was a growth of 1,5% .  The strength of Italian food industry are the PDO (protected designation of origin) and PGI (protected geographical indication) products, which represent the quality of “Made in Italy” worldwide. At present, 273 designations are recognized within cheese, fruit and vegetables, olive oil, ham and sausages, balsamic vinegar and bakery products.


Here, the most important sales markets of Italian food product


Sales Market Italian Food


Italian agricultural industry and data export

Within the agri-food industry, agricultural sector is considered the key for global approach of Italian industries. The sector is the standard-bearer for “Made in Italy” excellence on international markets and the export continues to show a positive growth.

Nevertheless, agricultural industry is not being exploited to its fullest and often its big potential remains untapped. That insufficient attention is also paid by central and local administrations to the relationship between agro-food industry development and the preservation of the natural landscape. In fact, Italy boasts a climatic and geographic diversity, which translates into a rich variety of product unique in the world. At the same time, agri-food sector production levels are not enough to cover the domestic demand, making imports increasingly indispensable.

Probably, the best solution to preserve the association between local areas and their quality products is the brand protection not limited just for European boundaries, but extended to an international level. (For more info about brand protection read also our previous article about Italian Sounding).

In 2014, Italy exported agri-food products totaling an amount of 34,2 billion €: Germany has acquired 3,7% more Italian foodstuffs compared to last year, USA 23%, Spain 13,3%, Belgium 9,6% and UK 8%. The most important export products were wine, followed by fruit and vegetables, meat and pasta. Also, coffee, cheese and vegetable oil business have had an important growth over the past five years.




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