The supermarket of the future at Expo Milan 2015

future supermarket at expo milan

The Italian architect Carlo Ratti has showed his new concept of supermarket at Expo Milan 2015 and it’s impossible don’t be seduced by his vision.

Ratti has created a Future Food District for public: a supermarket, where shoppers are inspired to look beyond the food itself.  All items can be placed under the display of digital ‘mirrors’, which use a special technology to recognize individual products and offer information about the product’s origins, ingredients and methods of manufacture.

The supermarket of the future will guide the decision-making process of shoppers


This shopper system will give more data to consumers to guide the decision-making and it also raises awareness about what they choose to eat, which even extends to the carbon footprint left by the item.

How to Ratti explains:

In the near future, we will be able to discover everything there is to know about the apple we are looking at: the tree it grew on, the CO2 it produced, the chemical treatments it received, and its journey to the supermarket shelf.

As you shop, display boards show which products and ingredients are most popular at that time. Customers can even download an app, select their preferred diet or even a dish they wish to prepare, and an algorithm adds the appropriate products to their shopping lists.

The supermarket of the future is designed to be extremely sociable: shelves have been replaced with long, low tables, so people are encouraged to interact not only with the food and displays, but also with one another.

The supermarket of the future, according to Ratti idea, give an enjoyable shopping experience together with more conscious of what we eat and how we feed.

At this time, nobody have no plans to take their marketplace of the future to market – maybe for the display’s 15 million euro price?

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