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What sauce goes with what pasta: discover it with an infographic and stop doing it wrong!

Italian pasta sauces


The pasta dilemma: what kind of pasta shapes today? And the sauce?


For most people Italian pasta is a simply interchangeable food, where every kind of shapes is good and every kind of sauce is every mix is good.

Be creative in kitchen is a positive behavior, but often we tend to gravitate toward one type over another shapes of pasta without a true cooking method. Nevertheless, the traditional cooking hold a method for eat an easy but tasty dish of Italian pasta.

Each pasta’s form and texture play a bigger part in sauce pairings! So we’ve provided an infographic with pairings pasta and sauce for dinners that satisfy everyone around the table.


Check the infographic and tell us new tasty pasta pairings! For more informations about Italian pasta and pasta sauces visit the dedicated pages on alifood web site.


Italian pasta sauce recipes




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